Monday, January 9, 2012

Linjit has Landed in the Philippines

Linjit has landed in the Philippines to complete her documentary "Gwapa". We are so proud of her Linjit for helping raise awareness of cleft affected children around the world and their barriers to treatment. Send your prayers out to Linjit and the team. If all goes well and their success continues they will find themselves at Sundance Film festival. We sit and wait for status updates on the children undergoing their cleft repairs and pray that all goes well.

The Tooth Fairy is a Fraud Okay!!!

The Tooth Fairy and competitive kids do not mix...nope not one bit. One 2nd grader yahoo looses a tooth and the other second grader will work and work and work until their tooth comes out. Next thing you know I have HooHaa coming to me with a large molar telling me he would like 20 dollars for it since it is so big. I tell him no - 1 dollar like the others. He askes for ten dollars, I hold firm at one dollar. Next he tries for five dollars and I say no one dollar is my final offer. He then tells me no thank you he would rather keep it for himself and negotiate with the tooth fairy on his own. Guess who will be doing all of my barting next trip to China?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blues Clues rise Again

Looks like it's going to be a blue new year. Yesterday I sent in Canoley to take a shower. When she was done, I went into the bathroom to make sure all of the towels were picked up and noticed shades of blue finger prints all around me slightly reminiscent of blues clues. 
Blue tub, blue walls, blue cabinet, blue door. I was completely stumped what could be so blue. Then I remembered seeing Canoleys too was blue. Thinking at the time it was ink from a marker, I had ignored it.

I called and asked Canoley what was blue and why was it everywhere in the bath room. She looked blankly at me and said her usual..."don't know."

I walked back into the bathroom and opened the cabinet to get the cleaning wipes and noticed an unwrapped blue toilet bowel tablet placed nicely on the shelf. I had found the clue to my blue and discovered that Miss Canoley learned the hard way that blue toilet bowel cleaning tabs do NOT make very nice bath fizzies.