Thursday, August 9, 2012

Edies Virtual Book Group

Who's Edie you say? Well is someone I have never meet in person yet have come to know quite well by frequenting her blog. She is smart, witty, sassy with a great sense of truth and lives in a world very far from me. For someone I have never met, I find her quite inspirational and captivating with a zest for life even through the most troubling of times. She is starting a monthly on-line virtual book group based on classics. I am looking forward to dusting off some books from the shelf and revisting them with others.

Sorry for the delay, I've been blog-jacked

Yes, I have been MIA as my blog was blogjacked and I could not gain access to it. Funny becuase whoever took the time to steal it never did anything with it or at least what I can see. Who knows, I may have been selling heaven knows what in Russia. Anyway, I am back and the count down of the last days of summer are upon us. School starts on Monday and for the first time since school started, I am the one who is not ready for summmer to be over.