Thursday, August 26, 2010

They're In!!!

I got the call today while scouring T-Town for cheap fabric for the girls sewing projects. I could hardly contain my joy. Set B has been accepted to the new school! 2 in and 2 to go.
It looks like this year will start out similar to last years schedule with two separate drop off and pick up times. The set B will start at 8am and set A will start at 9pm. Thank God the school are only about 3 miles of traffic free streets apart.
I'm so excited for MeiMei and HooHaa. I only wish Canoley and Tobbers could have the same experience. Oh well, with time they too will move over. They are a little sad about being left behind, but they understand that it is a numbers game and eventually they will move over as well. Canoley understands that she will be the last yahoo to move over. And like a typical tomato kid, there were first to point out that this means double of everything---two fall festivals---two holiday parties---two of every school event.
The new school goes through to 8th grade. So it looks like we can plan on being there for a while. I cannot wait to say goodbye to the old "hood" school. But I will contain my joy and keep my negative thoughts to myself. Just because I do not like it there, I know there are those that drink the Koolaid and think it is just swell. For those that want a refresher of my first opinion of our soon to be departed "hood" school can read blog post from 2008 - Spetember 3rd. ( I tried to post the link but either I am too stupid to figure it out or my computer is not coorperating...I like to hink it is the latter.
Please let me put this chapter of my kids life behind us...or at least half of it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13 days and counting...

Yep, only thirteen days left till school starts back up. We have covered a lot of territory this summer both geographically and academically. All four yahoos are ripe and ready to jump into their next school year.
Still no word the new school front. I feel like a stalker with the principle. As it stands right now, my gut tells me we will get one yahoo in and then another in later in the year. I'm saying prayers that we get Tobbers switched and to my surprise Noley has requested to move as well. Gee all four kids are happy to leave the hood school---what does that say about the past two years? So the big question is when will we get the call and what Yahoo will go first. Guess is in kinda like the Tomato Family's Sophies choice.
Until then, I am trying hard to be optimistic about starting school and not be so negative. Every time I get an email from old Hood school, I get acid stomach --- not a good sign. I want so bad to be GONE...Ring phone ring...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mom..I think I am Molting...

MeiMei: Mom I think I have a problem
Me: Huh? What problem?
MeiMei: I think it is time for the weather to change
Me: Huh? I thought you said you had a problem
MeiMei: I do have a problem
Me: okay so that is the problem
MeiMei: I am Molting...
Me: You are WHAT?
MeiMei: Molting...Mom...I am Molting
Me: Molting?
MeiMei: yes, Molting just like the seals we saw on the beach last week when the weather changes
Me: Oh I see...may I see?
MeiMei: yes, I am Molting all over my feet and so is HooHaa.
Me: (examining said feet) Yep Honey, you are in fact Molting. Don't worry just like the seals you have new skin underneath the skin you are shedding.

Monday, August 23, 2010