Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can you Swim from CA to NV?

My kids are better than your kids...my kids are better than yours...my kids are better because they are good swimmers...my kids are better than your. So what's up with the cocky attitude?...think I've been hanging around the ole private school crowd again. Nooooo not that. Think I've closed a bunch of big deals recently...Noooo definitely not that... No my yahoos managed to figure out how to successfully swim from California all the way to Nevada. Here take a look.

Zzzzzzzzzzz let me count the ways...

She can sleep in a chair...she can sleep anywhere...the girl loves to sleep. Ahh a daughter after my own heart:-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gimme an L ...an O...and an A!

LOA..Yep the three letters that all adoptive parents seek to see in print. What does it mean? It means were are "Approved" Not pre approved or kinda approved but the final final of approvals. We are to overnight the signed acceptance to our agency and off to China it goes. Once China receives it they will authorize our travel approvals which will enable us to apply for our Chinese travel visas. With the recent HV1/Swine Flu issues China is cracking down on those traveling from North America into the country. They are requiring us to jump through some extra hoops in an attempt to restrict those entering the country. One does it mean to us?...uhhhh not quite sure other than more paperwork and possibly not as large of a travel group as we had hoped.
The good news is that we can expect to travel in September/October when the airfare drops...Yeah! Should we have travelled this summer as we first er...uh second thought we would have spend more than double what it looks like we will spend since we will travel after summer. Hey at this point in the game I will take was ever good news I can find!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Do You Know if you Child is Watching Too Much TV?

Well if you are me it is pretty simple to figure out. Talk the yahoos to Target. Have your son start skipping while singing and humming a tune...a catchy little tune. And then stop horrified as you recognize the tune that your child is humming.
You know that your child is watching too much TV when their preferred song to hum is the theme song to erectile dysfunction commercials. Yep you got the right....all of those Bob and his Mr Happy commercials--Enzyte. My son is happily walking and skipping through Target signing the song about ED.
So I call Mr T and what does he say..."that's my boy!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Do Fairies and Jesus Have In Common?

So what do you get when you read children's bible stories and fairy tales to a five year old?
Well let me tell you... you get Jesus staying the night in the fairy castle with Fairy Fawn and Sleeping Beauty. Yep....here's the proof.