Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged

1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules.
I have been tagged by the Duchess. Since I am a tagged newbie, I am cutting and pasting the guidelines. So my first duty is to formally introduce you to the Duchess herself and her little Lady L. Now as a newbie, I have no idea how to embed the website into her name so you are getting the link the old fashion way…

2. Seven random or weird facts about you. Here we go...
a. I love to sleep with my regular clothes on. It makes me feel like I am a kid getting away with something. I do it every time Mr T is out of town and then the kids catch me in the morning. As a kid I slept with the next day’s clothes on so that I could sleep longer in the morning. Guess it is a carryover from being 8.

b. I wish I could have a real chicken for a pet. I live in the City and it is a no no so instead I have a five foot rooster in my front yard and hundreds of hens and chicks that multiply each year.

c. I love to put a Tablespoon of cinnamon and cloves in my red spaghetti sauce. It gives a little hidden punch that no one can ever figure out.

d. I once wrote, produced and appeared in a weekly Show on TV

e. I climbed Mount Shasta and almost died in an avalanche because I was young, stupid, and clueless but was dating a really handsome guy who took me.

f. I found bank robbery money in a garbage dumpster when I was 13. I never got a reward but I did take one of the quarters and bought a candy bar.

g. I love love love to collect old bauer and fiesta pottery. The brighter the color the better. It makes me happy to open my cupboards and be welcomed with bright bursts of color.

3. Tag seven people and include their links.
Okay, how the heck and I going to find seven bloggers who have not been tagged. When I find someone that has not been tagged I will post it.

4. Leave a message for each of the seven.
Yeah I’ll get right on that.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dawn, Put the VooDoo Doll Away.....

Yes, we got our finger appointments for our USCIS (you remember, the airport security guards that are processing our international adoption paperwork) and I managed to cut my way in line to be the first person for the day....okay, so actually Tobbers cut in line to be the first one in the door and so I technically, I did not cut infront of 15 people that did not speak son did. Mr T, on the other hand was number 6. He could have Shoved Noley ahead, but no, he was the patient one.
Hummmm, now if I can only figure out how to cut in front of the line of the hundreds of families in front of us at the main processing office in Missouri. Oh you are right that would not be the good Karma thing to do...but a girl can dream. Right? And I do still have that old Voodoo doll from College. Now, that's a thought! I could take the Voodoo doll and shrink a copy of our application and put it in the dolls hand with a big happy face on it and put the doll in a nice fluffy place or maybe mail it to myself. Yeahhhh...and then it would make them process it sooner.
Oh dear....I really am loosing it. See, this darn process not only sucks the life out of you.. it sucks any shred of self respect and sanity along with it. Cutting in line....voodoo dolls...what next????
Bed! That's what. Good Night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes, I'm addicted ... to these Charms that is...

Okay I just go the cutest darn charm in the mail that I have to share with others. They are made by a prospective first time mom who is adopting from China. She hand makes charms and sells them on The charm she made for me is so cute I have to brag and share.

If you like hand made charms or custom one of a kind charms to take a look...

According to her site there are ..."Lots of new designs you are sure to love. Charm Addiction is our jewelry making workshop in Chandler, Arizona. Each of our charms are a one of a kind, handmade original designed just for you. They are made with love and attention to detail. We use only 100% lead-free solder so they are non-toxic (but completely addictive!). Welcome to our healthy addiction."
Thank you Sheri!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What? A weekend in Rehab? Shhh Don't tell the SW...

Okay so anyone of you that knows Mr Tomato aka DH, knows that he loves to keep people guessing and giving them something good to talk about. He also likes to do this at my expense. This weekend he succeeded.

So Mr T goes out last night with our neighbors to go listen to a local neighborhood band comprised of Holy Spitter alum parents. I was fine with all that....getting the babysitter....going out to eat and listen to music without me...hanging with all of the Noley and Tobbers old school (you know, the thank God we are not there anymore school) parents... Fine, I was cool with it even though I was not to be in attendance.

But what I did not expect was to be informed by Mr T when I got home last night was that he told everyone he ran into last night that I was in rehab. Yes, you read that right REHAB!

Okay Okay so before I left the house yesterday I flippantly told Mr T to tell anyone that asks where I was (since I would not be with him for the evening festivities) that I was taking a class, or at a convention, or trade show....just do not tell anyone I'm at a scrapbook convention doing a marathon 2 day scrap. Tell them anything...just not that...I joked and said rehab would be a better excuse and more understandable to THAT crowd than scrapbooking.

So what does MR T do? He tells everyone...I'm not with him because I am in rehab for the weekend!!!! He tells me I should have seen the looks on their faces and that they will all be talking about it for weeks. Great! I get to go to Holy Spit on Thursday to take the kids for weekly choir while everyone talks about my stint in rehab......arughhhhhhhhh

Paybacks are gonna get tough around here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holy LID! The I797C Arrived!!!

I 797C you ask? What the heck is that? What do you do with it? .....
Heck! How do I know? I have NO idea what the H*** it means but I know one thing for sure. It means the airline security er...uh... I mean Department of Homeland Security knows we exist.
And the way things are going these days with processing advanced petition to adopt and orphan. THAT MEANS A LOT.

Not sure what we are supposed to do with it or when we will be told what to do whatever it is .... But at least I know we made it past the round file underneath someones desk.

For those counting keeping stats. They logged us in at USCIS 9/15/08 (four days before it could have possibly arrived in Chicago as it was still sitting on my desk on that day---but hey I'll take it) and produced the official notice 10/3/08 yet it arrived 10/13 and was mailed 10/10/08. The funny thing is I mailed the document to Chicago on 9/17 and it arrived via USPS on 9/19 so living up to their airline security reputation for not being the sharpest tools in the shed....their date keeping is a little off.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Warning...Adoption Humor...Funny Very Funny

Okay so I stumbled across these t-shirts today on the internet and they made me laugh so hard I slipped out of my chair. IA humor....although mine would need to say. I 797 or bust!
Check them out for yourselves.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Yahoos Photos

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Happy Birthday Daddy-O. We love you bunches. Here's to many many more where they came from.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Checkout The Newest in Coach Footware...

Yes, imagine my surprise when I tripped over Noley's thongs the other day. The fact that they were in the middle of the floor was no surprise (since there is a household conspiracy to break my neck by leaving shoes everywhere but in a closet)....but the fact that they sported a designer label caught me off guard and with a big chuckle, I must add. How do I know she is my daughter???? Oh just look at the shoes...I say...

Yes, my Noley had placed "Coach" stickers on her flip flops. I had given her a bunch of Coach stickers that were given to me at the coach store eons ago. I had no need for them as they are used to wrap gift paper when you buy something. For some reason they gave me a bunch and like most moms, when you have stickers....of any kind you give them to kids. And boy do they end up in the strangest places.
Noley turned her simple gap thongs into the latest in summer designer footwear. And I know what you are thinking??? Where did she get this idea??? No, not from me---that is the stickers. Appreciation for fine footwear---yeah baby all me. That's my girl!