Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2 of the season and no signs of life...

*********************** Please someone come and HELP ME...we are two days into the Christmas season and there are no signs of it in Tomato home. I am paralyzed each year when it comes time to set up a tree, decorate it and make the house look happy and merry. I enjoy the looks of Christmas and love how peoples homes look all decorated. It's just I HATE decorating for Christmas.
I think I harbor too many years of being traumatized as a child from having to decorate a tree with "one piece of tinsel at a time" and placing ornaments in the "right spot with adequate space"...ahhhhh I hate trimming trees. I like tree trimming parties just don't ask me to do anything. I have adorable ornaments and lots of items to place around the home...I just don't want to do it.
I am happy to have kids now that I can let them do all of the decorating of the tree and such...however with that being said, there is just one problem to having children decorate your tree...check out the photos from Christmas pasts and you will see what I mean... (decorated Santa's---dead Polly pockets and Santa's accomplice, Barney with cap, horizontal trees aka fallen over for the third time, wreath wearing roosters and earthquake gingerbread houses...OY VAY!)


Aus said...

OK - like you I hate decorating the my childhood home it was good for at least one and maybe two arguments, stressful, etc.

As an adult and parent we've been able to avoid that occurring in our home, but it still 'stresses me out, I'll probably never grow out of it! We do this the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving every year - and this year the youngest two were really helping - so there's not much chance of our tree falling over, the bottom half of it has 80% of the decorations!

And ya know - it's one of the most beautiful trees we've ever had!

hugs - aus and co.

Karen said...

LOL! I will come help you decorate and trim the tree. Noley and I will have a great time being that we are kindred spirits in this area.