Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you know what makes a maglev work?

Uh, well if you don't you are in good company...but last week, Tobbers decided to take this question head on for the third grade science competition and WON FIRST PLACE. Yes our guy won with his dissertation on magnetic levitation and electro magnetic charges along with is real life exhibit (hot glue gunned by mom till 1am the night before the show). He came up with his topic and supporting ideas all by himself. He did his presentation before the third graders and then all night long to anyone that would listen at the school open house. If nothing else in life, he will make a great docent. His teacher said that after winning Tobbers was the first in his 35 years of teaching that insisted on having a "standing ovation by the crowd" and to "please make sure you get it on film".
That's my boy!


Aus said...

I not only didn't know how a maglev worked - I didn't know what it was until a few minutes ago! Cool stuff - and yeah - it's been a month since you posted anything here - but that's OK - we 'understand'! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Karen said...

Way to go! Too cool for school! We are so proud of you!!!