Monday, September 13, 2010

Salvete!, New School and a Budda

We are officially into the new school year. So what does that mean in the house of Tomatoes? Well for those of you that know us it always means something new. Heck, why do the same ole thing more than once right?

Salvete! - The past couple of school years we have spent covering the history of the world at home. Since we spend so much time in the car, I love that we can use the car time to learn something--and the history has been great. This year we are going to add something new to our car learning time---Latin. I bought on Ebay the Prima Latina program and will spend the next nine months slowing working through the DVD/Book. I was surprised how both Nols and Tobbers liked the first lesson. I think they got a charge out of knowing half of the words already. MeiMei however is less impressed, as she still fancies herself a French girl.

New School - Noley and Tobers are still at School of the Hood. HooHaa and MeiMei are at the new school. We are very happy with change and am hopeful that Tobbers can make the move over something this year. Two schools, two start times and four different curriculum's---ah doesn't that sound like fun?

a Buddha - Yesterday we signed up the kids for Sunday School. I decided we needed a little more divine intervention with the four kids and after a lot of research we settled in on sending them to a program that will teach them to be honest, kind and to be a good citizen. When the kids went to WholySpit, they were exposed and reminded of the presence of God and about being a better person daily. Since that departure, we have been working on these things at home but for some reason we have been some hick-ups in this area. I had looked into the Church where the Yahoos went to vacation bible school "Ocean Camp" this past summer since the kids loved the program, but when I learned that it involved mostly bible drills, I knew that was not quite what I was looking for....learning about the bible was fine with me, but I did not want that to be the only focus. So I decided to step back and look at the big picture and decided on sending the entire family to Dharma School. I can hear the questions already... Oh my ***** they are converting their children into Buddhists!!! No, we are simply learning about the teachings of Budda. Just becuase one goes to a Dharma school does not mean they are a signed sealed and delivered Buddist. And yes, one can still believe in God and Buddha. The first classes start next Sunday and will conclude in May. I am hopeful that a weekly reminder of selflessness and peace will benefit them in the long run.


Aus said...

Ain't the Tomatos somethin'!

You covered a lot there - I have 7 years of training in Latin and 3 in Greek - "Latina mala est" really I mean "semper ubi sub ubi" (just say the translation out loud) really - learning Latin and Greek really did help me out later in life - and provides a great foundation for modern languages as well. (I can even 'say' Salvete properly (Sal way tae)....

And Budda school - no issues here! I'm Christian, but I've read the Koran as well as the Scriptures, and the teachings of Budda....if you are going to be a person of the world then you MUST know the other cultures as well! Interestingly - there are many places where the Koran simply looks like a different translation of the Old Testiment....really enlightening!

Glad your year is off to a good start - hugs - aus and co.

Wanna Bee said...

Sounds like a great program for the kiddos. AND have you noticed that your truly Aunt Bee and Prince Siddartha (Buddha to be) have the same birthday :o)