Friday, October 22, 2010

a year ago...

A year ago we were in China packing up and getting ready to head home with a very big souvenir---HooHaa. We had fully planned on this first year being a tough transitional year. After all everything you read tells you that adopting an older child is HARD and trying. Well, thank God this little guy never read any of those books because these past 12 months have been a joy.

This guy has weathered a lot in the past year and has made some incredible strides. He has gone from knowing nothing in English and having had no schooling whatsoever to being top of his class. His first grade teacher was shocked to learn that he had only been here in the US for a year. She had no idea that 12 months ago he had no language and now is one of her best students. He is a kind boy that is well liked by many. He is always willing to help out and has quite a quick wit and humor. He has a passion for singing, dancing and basketball. He has an amazing ability to concentrate and focus and considers himself to be quite the snappy dresser.

My heart aches for all of the children over the age of 4 that sit in orphanages waiting and waiting for a family that may never come. Statistically these children will not find a home. That breaks my heart. I wish the "professionals" out there that write the books on adoption would write one that talks about all of the older adoptions out there that are not fraught with angst and trauma.

HooHaa we are happy to have you as our son. You make us very proud.


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Congrats on being home a year with HooHaa! He is a beautiful boy, and maybe someday he and Tyson could connect since they are from the same place. I remember how many snags and hoops you had while waiting to travel. I hope the years to come are just as wonderful! My heart is pulled toward older children as well...too bad my house won't fit anymore :(

Aus said...

Wow - Gotcha day + 1 - I'm sorry but I'm finding it hard to believe that I've read you this long!! Glad that he didn't 'read the books' - sometimes it's easier that way! ;)

hugs to all - continued joy and success!

aus and co.