Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Baby Bunny FuFu

Look what arrived in my email today. A baby photo of little bunny FuFu. This is the youngest photo we have of her and it is precious. This is the finding ad that her orphanage ran in the local paper saying that she was found. It is what they call a "finding ad" All infants that are placed on the "adoption tract" have to run ads in the local paper before the orphanage can start the process to get their files ready for adoption. The ads state the time date and place where the infants were found. I am seen many different finding ads for children in China. Some times there are many more than this number listed. It is sad, but when you look at it that these are the children who soon be one their way to finding forever families, it gives me hope.
Can you spot our little bunny FuFu?


Aus said...

Sorry - but I'm a guy - and all kids that age look the same to me! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Allison [LID 6/5/06] said...

Hello Tomato family.. I just found your blog on the RQ site and thought I would say hello, since I am practically a neighbor, in EDH. I am waiting for my referral (LID 6/5/06) with fingers crossed that it won't be too far away now, maybe even within the next few months! I'll be joining the NoCal FCC and wondered if you are also part of that organization?


Anonymous said...

Is she #1?!