Tuesday, October 6, 2009

24 hours and counting till we head out...

Well my laundry has been released from washing machine lock down and my clothes are packed. Linjit arrived this afternoon. KC will be flying in from Las Vegas tomorrow night and will meet up with us at SFO. By this time tomorrow night the whole basket of Tomato's will be sitting together waiting to catch a plane to Hong Kong. This will be the first time we have all traveled together in a long time and the first time overseas as a group. The energy level is running quite high with the yahoos both young and old.

We will be heading out shortly for a salad extravaganza for dinner since we know it will be a while since we will get to eat any...and I have found it quite interesting that whether I am traveling to Europe or Asia...the only food that I miss is eating a really good salad with blue cheese.

We are looking forward as usual to eating our way through the country. I'm confident all of us will be in hog heaven with the food in China that is with the exception of Tobbers. It will be quite interesting what boring carbo boy will be eating. I secretly am quite happy to submerge him in a sea of vegetables where he will have limited carbo choices. With any luck we will be able to convert him into being an adventurous eater like the rest of us. Hey a mom can wish can't she?

I cannot believe that after TWO years this is really going to happen...


Molly Pina said...

Dawn, wishing you a safe trip and hopefully we will see you in China!!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Are you flying yet???
Hope you can calm down long enough for a couple of naps to help you into the China time.
Looking forward to your updates!
Extra hug for Tobers... I feel his pain ;)

Karen said...

Can't wait to hear of your adventures! You all are amazing. Sending good wishes to ALL of you!
xoxo Ms. Open Window and family

christy said...


Anxious to see where you are now. Post when you can.

mom to Mia, Ava and Kai

Duchess of Lanier said...

Looking for updates and photos of your travel day... Hitting refresh ;)