Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Post From Mr T

A posting from Mr Tomato ...

Finally - It feels like we are really going to do this thing. I am so happy to be going on a world class adventure with you guys (the yahoos) that at times I skip over the fact that we are adding a new little guy to the family. Hua Hong (Han) - Now that is a name not easily forgotten or necessarily easily remembered.

We are all on an adventure - but just think of his adventure . . . ours pales in scope compared to what he is facing. Loss of all things familiar with this very funny looking tribe of giants, that are so dumb that I can not understand one word they say nor they me. Did I mention they smell funny and laugh all the time at who knows what. It is likely he has never been in a car, or a bus, or a train, or a boat, or a plane and this crazy group will take him on all of them in the first week of meeting. He has likely been bathed in a sink - it is possible he may enjoy his very first bath or shower - not to mention the opportunity to go swimming in the gigantic pool at the Regal Riverside - Are you kidding me - they want me to go in that pond ?? They are nuts. Oh and the food - my, my, my - they eat a lot - as much as we like - when ever we like - this part is not so bad. (What is a special treat?) I wonder where they are taking me and why ?? I really want to go back to the center and see my friends - tomorrow is peserved egg congee and fish broth (my favorite) breakfast - I hope they take me back before that. No such luck. This candy stuff tastes awful ---much too sweet - why would they think I would like it? And where are my clothes ? These clothes are ridiculous - there are no split seat to PO PO and Wee at will - I guess they want me to do that in these dumb tight cloths with no holes. They never make me wear my coat - Nanny, would have me in two padded jackets today. Where is she anyway ? I miss her. I miss the kids and my buddy Chen. Another bus trip - Oh my stomach - I think I'll puke - maybe I should puke on the fat guy who always trying to hold my hand. Lie Lie Sou yourself pal. You wear too much smelly stuff.

And so the adventure will continue - we will go to Temples (sending up many prayers in smoke) and gain blessings and wishes of good fortune, prosperity, success and do the best we can to all have a most wondrous harmonious adventure. Much to learn , much to be aware of, much to share. Let's do it. I am ready to Go.

To quote the MeiMei " We need to go now - he is waiting and waiting for his family ! Let's go now

" Note: the wisdom of a child that has taken the same journey - things that make you say HHHMMMMMMMMmmmmmm. Love daddeo

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Dawn said...

I remember your little guy from the Heritage list. We are Carissa's parents from Heritage. So very glad he is going to finally get home! Blessings to you all. He will love his family and be a happy guy I bet.