Sunday, March 7, 2010

Please Make it Be Over...

Dear Highest Priestess of Girl Scouts, Please Please Please make cookie season be over. I do not think I can take another box. I am needing to go in to Girl Scout Cookie Detox. To all of you that ordered cookies from Canoley, you can expect to see them arrive at your home shortly. Ms Canoley took second billing in her troup for her sales. Her killer tencity took me by surprize. My inability to have any willpower over the cookies does not take me by surprize---which is why they gotta go NOW.


Aus said...

Come on - it's one of the 'rites of spring'! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

and Baby Makes 11! said...

Wish you were closer, we would have helped boost her to #1!! We only bought 2 boxes this year. :o/