Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life lessons for six year olds...

Happy Birthday #6 MeiMei. Little bunny FuFu had another lifetime moment this week on the morning of her birthday...and it went like this.
MeiMei:(7:05am) Mom, is today my birthday?
Me: Yes, sweetheart. Today is your birthday.
MeiMei: Am I six this morning?
Me: Yes, FuFu you are 6 this morning and each morning for the next 364 days.
MeiMei: But Mom, something is wrong?
Me: What is wrong?
MeiMei: I do not feel any older. I do not feel six. I feel the same as I did when I was five.
Me: Yep honey, that is how you feel when you get older...each year when my birthday comes, I still feel like I am 38.

And now for the cake... So what do you get when you have a nine year old that is obsessed with cake shows on the cooking channel? Uh you get FuFu's birthday cake that's what. So you ask what is it? Uhhhh I do not know...but if you turn it upside down it could be used as a weapon.

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Aus said...

I know what it is - I know what it is!!!!

It's cool!!!!

hugs - aus and co.