Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13 days and counting...

Yep, only thirteen days left till school starts back up. We have covered a lot of territory this summer both geographically and academically. All four yahoos are ripe and ready to jump into their next school year.
Still no word the new school front. I feel like a stalker with the principle. As it stands right now, my gut tells me we will get one yahoo in and then another in later in the year. I'm saying prayers that we get Tobbers switched and to my surprise Noley has requested to move as well. Gee all four kids are happy to leave the hood school---what does that say about the past two years? So the big question is when will we get the call and what Yahoo will go first. Guess is in kinda like the Tomato Family's Sophies choice.
Until then, I am trying hard to be optimistic about starting school and not be so negative. Every time I get an email from old Hood school, I get acid stomach --- not a good sign. I want so bad to be GONE...Ring phone ring...

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Aus said...

Wow - two more weeks - you guys start late like this every year? Our first day is today - in fact - Brianna is on the bus as we speak!

It'll work out - and however it does - it will be the right thing (even if it ain't what you want!)

hugs - aus and co.