Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mom..I think I am Molting...

MeiMei: Mom I think I have a problem
Me: Huh? What problem?
MeiMei: I think it is time for the weather to change
Me: Huh? I thought you said you had a problem
MeiMei: I do have a problem
Me: okay so that is the problem
MeiMei: I am Molting...
Me: You are WHAT?
MeiMei: Molting...Mom...I am Molting
Me: Molting?
MeiMei: yes, Molting just like the seals we saw on the beach last week when the weather changes
Me: Oh I see...may I see?
MeiMei: yes, I am Molting all over my feet and so is HooHaa.
Me: (examining said feet) Yep Honey, you are in fact Molting. Don't worry just like the seals you have new skin underneath the skin you are shedding.


Aus said...

Ah - too much beach time? ;) I used to get that when they'd TDY me to costal Georgia and I'd spend some off time on the beach....played heck with my feet too! Glad it's not feathers - or shedding! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

and Baby Makes 10 !! said...

This made me laugh outloud! Too funny.
Love all of the pics! Looks like you had a terrific Summer! Us...we did nothing...3 years...3 trips to China... leaves one broke! lol

Hugs to you and your family,