Sunday, January 13, 2013

Techno E-Literate

Ever have those days where technology just gets too far ahead of you and you want to just cry out "uncle"?  That has been me for the past two days.  I cannot seem to get blogger to allow me to post photos that are stored on my computer.  Sounds simple right?  But no matter what I do it tells me I can only upload photos from my phone, (which I tried only to find out my phone is a I4 not an I5), pixasomthing (which I learn, I am not a member of) video camera (which is dead) or the web (where my photos are not located).  I am beside myself that the simplest easiest format will not work.  It worked last week.  What could have possibly changed in less than one week?  So until I can figure this out, I cannot post my photos :-(

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