Monday, October 27, 2008

Dawn, Put the VooDoo Doll Away.....

Yes, we got our finger appointments for our USCIS (you remember, the airport security guards that are processing our international adoption paperwork) and I managed to cut my way in line to be the first person for the day....okay, so actually Tobbers cut in line to be the first one in the door and so I technically, I did not cut infront of 15 people that did not speak son did. Mr T, on the other hand was number 6. He could have Shoved Noley ahead, but no, he was the patient one.
Hummmm, now if I can only figure out how to cut in front of the line of the hundreds of families in front of us at the main processing office in Missouri. Oh you are right that would not be the good Karma thing to do...but a girl can dream. Right? And I do still have that old Voodoo doll from College. Now, that's a thought! I could take the Voodoo doll and shrink a copy of our application and put it in the dolls hand with a big happy face on it and put the doll in a nice fluffy place or maybe mail it to myself. Yeahhhh...and then it would make them process it sooner.
Oh dear....I really am loosing it. See, this darn process not only sucks the life out of you.. it sucks any shred of self respect and sanity along with it. Cutting in line....voodoo dolls...what next????
Bed! That's what. Good Night.

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Duchess of Lanier said...

First, congrats on your fingerprints! Told you I'd let you cut in line with me! I mean it. I really really mean it now that you have your voodoo doll out!

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