Sunday, October 19, 2008

What? A weekend in Rehab? Shhh Don't tell the SW...

Okay so anyone of you that knows Mr Tomato aka DH, knows that he loves to keep people guessing and giving them something good to talk about. He also likes to do this at my expense. This weekend he succeeded.

So Mr T goes out last night with our neighbors to go listen to a local neighborhood band comprised of Holy Spitter alum parents. I was fine with all that....getting the babysitter....going out to eat and listen to music without me...hanging with all of the Noley and Tobbers old school (you know, the thank God we are not there anymore school) parents... Fine, I was cool with it even though I was not to be in attendance.

But what I did not expect was to be informed by Mr T when I got home last night was that he told everyone he ran into last night that I was in rehab. Yes, you read that right REHAB!

Okay Okay so before I left the house yesterday I flippantly told Mr T to tell anyone that asks where I was (since I would not be with him for the evening festivities) that I was taking a class, or at a convention, or trade show....just do not tell anyone I'm at a scrapbook convention doing a marathon 2 day scrap. Tell them anything...just not that...I joked and said rehab would be a better excuse and more understandable to THAT crowd than scrapbooking.

So what does MR T do? He tells everyone...I'm not with him because I am in rehab for the weekend!!!! He tells me I should have seen the looks on their faces and that they will all be talking about it for weeks. Great! I get to go to Holy Spit on Thursday to take the kids for weekly choir while everyone talks about my stint in rehab......arughhhhhhhhh

Paybacks are gonna get tough around here.

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Duchess of Lanier said...

Okay, my drink is spurting through my nose...

Obviously, I need to join you in rehab! And note to self: your hubby can *never* meet my hubby! Period. And exclamation point!

Counting with you to I800A answers ;)