Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Thoughts For Today ...

A blog friend shared this with me and I in turn am returning the post….

For Today…(which at the time of this posting is at the end of the day)

Outside my window...are the cutest darn little birds have been playing in the fountain out front all day
I am thinking...about when we will anticipate on traveling to China…may..june…july??
I am thankful for...the daily joy I get from my yahoos
From the learning rooms...homework (lots of reading and lots of math)
From the kitchen... pork roast baked in a peach/pineapple sauce, baked carrots, potato pancakes, shredded brussel sprouts with prosciutto.
I am wearing...last seasons favorite big pumpkin orange sweater coat with cocoanut buttons, two long sleeve shirts layered (its darn cold here in CA), my favorite Banana Republic cropped khakis and my new lands end super comfy leather knockoff Privo ballet flats … oh yes and my awesome gold coin necklace that I got for Christmas from Mr Tomato
I am binders for the yahoos to manage all of their school and home projects “home school” projects as MeiMei and Noley like to call them….and darn they look really cute, now I want one!
I am bed soon so I can read on of the many books I have started
I am reading...about 12 different books right now that all need to go back to the Library in 9 days. On too many varied subjects from fiction to education, to hobbies to meditation.
I am get all of our dossier notarized this week so that we can get it send off to China by the end of the month.
I am hearing...the yahoos stirring in their beds and Mr T snoring really loud..

Around the house... I just finished installing the pull out shelf for under the kitchen sink. Now I am confident I call install a couple more in the larger cabinets.
One of my favorite things...A good cup of black coffee and watching the yahoos exhibit sheer joy of success in accomplishing something
A few plans for the rest of the week… Get our china dossier documents notarized and taken to the secty of state for authentication.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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Duchess of Lanier said...

I am wearing my privos!

I am hearing the doggie and kitty snoring. Dukes don't snore, right?!

I am thinking about you having a productive day getting those signatures tomorrow.

I wish I had a cool home school notebook. But home school teaching doesn't pay so well.

I am thankful for bloggy friends like you who are so willing to help us newbies figure out the finer points.

Happy Wednesday!

We bought cat food tonight at the grocery. I thought of you then, too! tee-hee-hee!