Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ummm No You Are Mistaken...

So I enrolled MeiMei in the PreKindergarten Readiness Free Summer School Program today. Now the operative word here is Free. After all that is what caught my attention in the first place about this program. It is a five week program that runs the same time as Tobbers school program and Noleys Art camp. I was trying to figure out what to do with MeiMei and when I learned about the program I decided to sign up. What I soon learned was the the program was for targeted kids who may not be ready or have had limited exposure to what they need to know in Kindergarten. Since MeiMei has been identified with an IEP for speech she technically qualifies so I thought what the heck especially since one of the sites is near us. So I took MeiMei to registration and while I was completing the paperwork, she started to get antsy. The office person, was conducting the evaluation interview to see if she would qualify when MeiMei picks up the program brochure and starts reading it. Yep full on reading everyword on the page that she either knew or could sound out. I thought the woman was going to fall out of her chair. She asked me "is she reading that brochure?" "Uhhhhh No...she cannot read.. she is just pretending" (all the while biting my tongue because I really want her to get in the program and not rejected because she CAN read). Of course when we got the car I was not sure to beam with pride or be miffed about blowing our chance at the summer program. Guess time will tell.

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