Thursday, May 21, 2009

You're How Old?...

Boy nothing like feeling you are an old bag lady. So I know at the Yahoos' old school "HSpit" I was not the oldest mom in the class. I was not the youngest by any means but I was certainly in the upper middle and clearly had others within my age range give our take a year.
When you have a late start on reproduction these things do not enter your mind when you leave the hospital with your bundle of joy (or two bundles as in my case).
But no one prepared me for the big rude awakening of how in a public school setting I would be closer in age to "grandma" than mom. Yowza! I sat yesterday in Kumon next to Noleys little friends' grandma who I learned is the same age as Mr T and who's daughter (who has three children) is 27! Yes, that is right Noleys little friends mom is the same age as Linjit. Linjit and KC she could be you. Three kids by 27 (7, 4, 2) Oh I'm not sure what I find more fearful...Linjit and KC with three kids? Noleys friends mom the same age as Linjit? or if it is the fact that had I had been a Hoochy Mama in highschool (which obviously I was not) I could be a grandmother.

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