Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday # 7 "Hong Solo"

The countdown started on March 30 (MeiMei's birthday) and after much, much, much anticipation May 30th FINALLY CAME. HooHaa turned a whopping seven. In honor of his first ever birthday party we let him choose what to serve and pick out a cake. He stated that when he lived in China, he never had a birthday, birthday party or a birthday cake. He said he ate cake but not for birthdays and that no one celebrated birthdays in China. I had heard such but it appears that at Changzhou SWI they have special cakes...just not parties for specific birthdays or recognize birthdays. Guess it would be too hard to celebrate everyones birthday and how does one make it fair for all?...guess by not having any.

So with my anticpation HooHaa requested the big StarWars cake, hotdogs, cheetos and rootbeer floats. So you ask yourself...how long does it take a seven year old boy who was adopted from China seven months ago to aclimate to living in the US and requesting junk food for a special day?....uh you guessed it....about seven months...


Aus said...

Happy Birthday Hon! Looks like it was a great time - and 'blue' is my favorite flavor!

hugs - aus and co.

M said...

Happy Birthday! OMG I could have written this post almost word for word - my son turned 7 yesterday, never had a birthday celebrated or acknowedged in China and was SO excited we've had to talk about it for over a month every night at bedtime...his BIG party isn't until Friday so all his school friends can come. Fun!