Wednesday, June 30, 2010

81 Days of Summer Break

Okay so I must say that when I actually calculated the exact number of days of summer I felt a little overwhelmed with what seemed like a never ending void of time...with fighting and screaming as background noise. So then I stepped back and decided to look at it as 11 weeks of summer and all of a sudden it did not seem so daunting.

Today marks day 69. Not so bad as we mark our mid way point of week two. SO far so good. Of course, I can say this easily because I spend the first week of summer in bed with 104 fever hallucinating for days with absolutely no memory of the first six days of summer. Around day seven, I started coming around feeling like I has been hit by a truck and a whole lot lighter than when I started the summer. I think the kids decided they like sick mom the best. Sick mom does not care if the TV is on toon tv all day. Sick mom does not care if kids play DS, while playing the wwii. Sick mom does not care if you have cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sick mom does not care much about anything because sick mom is comatose and oblivious to everything.

So I sat down with the kids and made a summer wish list of things we would like to do this summer. So far we have made strawberry jam, home made ice cream, and joined the rec center for the water slides.

We have two big trips planned for the summer. End of July we are heading to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas to see the Titanic exhibit. Along the way we will be stopping to see the airplane cemetery in Mojave desert and hoover dam. In August we will be traveling down the coast to the Central Coast for a week at the beach. We won the trip at the HS auction last Feb and will be taking advantage of the prize. But no trip would be complete without tying it to something of historical or educational significance (since we will have a captive audience in the car) we will be starting in San Francisco and hitting the California Missions, that are dotted down the coast. I figure with the yahoos going into fourth grade this will come in handy for them and allow them to see missions close up and personal...and maybe decide which one they would like to report on.

I have booked us a pretty jammed packed summer down to the day. That includes a daily list of activites for the kids an my work sandwiched in. Tomorrow 7:50am sign up for swimming lessons at the rec center.

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Aus said...

Well glad you are feeling better - wondered where you were! Yeah - last time I was 'really' sick I was thinking that I'd have to feel better in order to sucks!!

Love some of those areas you are going to see - I spent several summers backpacking in NM and AZ - I did backpack the Canyon once - way rougher trip than the mountains (so VERY DRY down there!)

Looking forward to the stories -

hugs - aus and co.