Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dudes in Sweatsuits Dance with Ducks

Okay so I have NO idea who the heck these dudes are, but this video is funny and the ducks and geese in the backround about split me in two.


Tanya said...

This band (OK Go) makes great music videos! I highly recommend the videos for "This Too Shall Pass" and "Here It Goes Again" - they're not as funny (no ducks or geese - haha), but they are very cool.

Aus said...

Not bad - but how do you think that got the geese to run so fast...? ;p

And jam - it's always good! We cook off and on like that all year long - looking like we'll have a bumper crop of grapes (if it cools off - if not - then rasins!)

hugs - aus and co.