Monday, July 5, 2010

65 days left...

We have entered our third week of Summer with a bang of a 4th of July Party on the Block. We had fireworks out the wazoo and only managed to catch one five year old on fire ummm that is her dress. Thankfully, her parents were invloved and close by and managed to removed the smock a la flambe without a trace of burns involved.

This week the girls are off to Chinese Culture Camp or at least I think they are. I received what I belive is confirmation of their attendance but it is all in chinese so who knows. They might be playing in a ping png tournment for all I can tell. They boys will be haning with me as I try and figure out good places to go that are of no interest to girls.

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Aus said...

Dawn - the way you are counting down the thinks one wants school to resume? ;) Glad the youngen was unharmed - but a couple burns on the 4th really do make the day a success!

hugs - aus and co.