Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We be Jamm'n

So when I look back at my childhood summers spent with my Nonnie, I think of three things.... sewing using my grandmas scraps of fabric, playing in the chicken coop with my cousin Kathy and picking berries along the river to make jam and pies. So in the spirit of Summer, I decided to take on one of my childhood memories--making jam. Since what I remember was quite labor intensive, I chose the easy route. Strawberry Refrigerator Jam - no cooking involved.
I had marked the calendar with "Jam Day" not telling them what it meant. I let them guess--not one had an inkling that it was actually "jam". One thought we were fixing something that was jammed and another thought it referred to pajama day and Tobbers thought it has something to do with dancing to Bob Marleys "jammin" song.
All of the yahoos participated and chopped away four pounds of strawberries. We ended up with twelve jars of strawberry Jam (that was more like preserves) perfect for pancakes, making strawberry ice cream and eating it right from the jar.

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