Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of New School - Hold on Tight!

Well, we survived the first day of school and let me tell you....we are NOT in Kansas anymore...we are in the "heart of the city" burbs here....just 100% California diversity---and I am NOT talking ethnic....and it is a whole lot different than "private all white all upper middle class stuffy school" we just left. Why at this school I truly believe we have a cross section of EVERYTHING---and I MEAN EVERYTHING.

Good Lord, when I walk around and see children that look like they are coming to school in their PJs or dressed like they are going to pole dance, hijack a car or sell pharmaceuticals, I am reminded that if they wore uniforms they would all look alike and that I am responding to other parents clothing choices and need to not be so judgemental. It is not that it is a ghetto school as I live in a pretty mid to upper middle class area but we are in the inner city. I liked the fact that as a multicultural family that the schools demographics closely fit our family in that 40% is white and 40% is Asian---after all that IS us. (And our old private school was 99% white and no diversity.) It is just at this new school, the other 20% is a little .... SCARY!!!!

Today Noley ask me if the child sitting at the next table was a boy or a girl...I had to be honest and say "honey I have no idea....wait till you see what the teacher says their name is" and "maybe then you will know..." (she still does not know and neither do I)

I had to explain to Tobbers that just because it is "free dress" everyday and the boy sitting next to him wore pajamas to school did not mean that he could wear pajamas to school---no matter how comfortable they are!

This is the first time the yahoos are being separated. Noley really wanted to be in a different class than Tobbers. They both got the teachers we requested. What I did not expect though was Noley getting stuck in a split class of first and second graders. Not too happy about fact I was and am still out right ticked off. We moved Noley from stuffy private school world so that she could get more educational challenges...I did not mean this kind! So once again, I am reminded to be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it!

We will be working with the school to get both kids identified as "GATE" kids --- meaning they get pulled out of the mainstream and get put in with the "smart kids" for lack of better political correctness. This is where the school really excels in the district. They are highly acclaimed for their GATE program and that was the draw to the school. It is just one has drudge through the hoops to get the kids in the program. If they do not get in...well we are still on the list for the non GATE non "ghetto chic" school that is 90% white and 5 % Asian and 5% Inner city California.

Yowza... This is going to be some ride this year....I think for me more than the yahoos. It will be a true test in my fear factor, my being protective, and learning to not judge others by the number of their tattoos on their face, piercings on their head, and street walker clothes....and to think I used to think I was rather accepting and open minded. Since when did dressing in nice clean clothes that were not revealing become passe?

...oh I must be getting older....or this place called California is wearing thin on me.


Beverly said...

LOL, would scare me too!

Duchess of Lanier said...


Feel you pain ;)

I've seen people in pj's at the grocery store here! And I thought those 80's wind suits were supposed to have self-destucted in 1989, but no... they are alive and well in the foothills of the mountains!

Still think you should ask for the move out of the multi-age classroom ;)