Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Years Ago Today... Happy FuDay MeiMei

It hard to believe that two years ago we met a very quite reserved little girl that was in shock. She left a world of knowns and was handed over to two large scary looking people with big eyes and big noses and were so dumb they could only speak gibberish---yep that be us!
By the time dinner rolled around and we sat her down to table of food, we had a new girl. Everyday she opened up more. Everyday in the past two years we have seen more of this bright shining little girl. She is a burst of energy wrapped up in a full sense of self. It is hard to not imagine her singing and dancing around the house. Her alpha personality fits in quite well with the rest of the yahoos. Funny how one can travel around the world and end up with a child that is just like the ones you birth....go figure
I'm posting a "gotcha day" photo of her on my lap taken about ten minutes after the "handoff" and one next day photo (in the striped poncho) and three current photos of her wearing her own picked out outfits worn with great joy. MeiMei is quite the "princess" in a very non princess house. Not sure where it comes from, but if it sparkles, shines, and is hoochy then we know she will want to wear it. In fact, we just might have to post some of her "hoochier" outfits in a later post.
Happy FuDay MeiMei!

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Mrs. U said...

Hi there!!
I just HAD to come comment here after your comment on my blog!!! We WERE in China at the same time!! And we were at the White Swan at the same time, too!! We were there the entire trip, but y'all probably got there just to do your final paperwork. For that matter, we may have even had the same consulate date!!! What a small wonderful world!!

And happy 2 year anniversary!!!! Isn't the Lord grand to form families through adoption? Just like He adopts us!!


Mrs U