Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes, we're still in Egypt but are getting ready to leave...

We are about to "Exodus Egypt" in the next week but have enjoyed our time there learning about its history, food, art and people. This past weekend we visited the Rosicrucian Park Egyptian Museum in San Jose CA. The kids seemed so so about it while we were there...but since coming home have talked a lot about it in a positive light. Kinda like how they viewed Disneyland. While we were there is was so so but when we came home it was larger than life. Go figure! Check out the Rosicrucian Park Museum at

Another fun thing we discovered was this website that allows you to change your name into a cartouche. What's a cartouche? Well ask a tomato kid and they will tell you. A cartouche is a kind of nameplate. Ancient Egyptians used cartouches for kings, queens, and other high-ranking people in the kingdom. A cartouche consists of a number of different hieroglyphic symbols enclosed in a loop.

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Duchess of Lanier said...

I want to come to your homeschool! And I want to be there next time you go to a "hearing" of your school so I can hear YOU!!!
Thinking of you and hoping everything is settling into place at your new agency!