Monday, February 9, 2009

We're heading back in time and around the world...

Yep, the big box came and the yahoos are quite excited to snuggle up and head back in time and start traveling around the world. It comes as no surprise to those that know Tobbers, understand that he is a great lover of history and that as a second grader it is not a subject that he gets to study in school. So consequently, his teacher does not think he is a guy that "gets it". I know my son and I know how bright he is...he has just not had a chance to truly shine.
So, last month we started our journey by learning about world history at home. I discovered a great book that laid out a great plan and concept for teaching world history to kids. We have started reading Story of the World and if I was smart enough to give you a link to the books in the series I would. But you'll have to look them up on amazon yourself. There are four books in the series. The books go back in time and are written at level that kids will enjoy.
The actual program that I bought is really a homeschool program from Sonlight The program outlines everything in one set that includes the history books, supporting reference books, and about 17 coordinating literature books for the kids to read on their own and those to be read outloud.
It is amazing...and Mr Tomato thought at first I was a little crazy but he too is shocked that everynight the yahoos beg me to read a chapter from the history book and from the story books. We started with the bang, the garden of Eden and last night had reached the Exodus of Egypt. They cannot seem to get enough. I knew Tobbers would like it but I had no idea Noley would like it too. MeiMei is still working on sitting still, but as a four year old it is not easy to still still and listen to a book with no pictures.
We are reading Monday - Thursday nights. We read three history books (Story of the World, Children's History of the World, Usborne Childrens History of the World) and then coordinating story books and finish our week by eating out on Friday night at a restaurant that coordinates with where we traveled for the week. So far we have been eating a lot of middle eastern food.

I'm looking forward to traveling to ancient China.

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wittygal said...

Wow, that sounds so GREAT!! What a great idea to go to the different restraunts. I may steal that one from you. I love your blog and reading about your cute family. I have to say there are times that I laugh out loud. SO FUN!!
If you give me your email I can teach you how to add links to words. EASY!!!