Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 5 of 8

So we are on day 5 of the 8 days of being Mr Tomato free. What Mr T gone for a whole week leaving me alone with three yahoos, five cats and six fish? Yep that's the guy. So did he leave for business?...ah no not really... I'm still trying to figure out how he managed to leave for a week without me finding out till the morning he left.
It all started innocently day meeting on the east coast, a hour or so from a old friend...and next thing I know he's boarding a plane for what I understood to be a 3/4day venture. Imagine my surprize when I learn at 4am that he is not coming home on Sunday but Thursday!
Now, mind you he is a big guy and can go away as he sees I'm not so peeved about the slight misrepresentation of his time gone --- because anyone that knows Mr T knows he is not really good with numbers...they are either wayyyyyyy too high or wayyyyyyy too low, so one has to calculate in the Mr T factor when listening to him talk about quantitative things.
But what I am really miffed at is that I think he did it on PURPOSE. Yep you read that right...I think he thinks that by not telling me the REAL amount of time he would be gone, there would be no way I could accomplish one of the many projects I want to do around the home but need him gone to get them done. By the time I found out his real timeline it was too late to schedule a contractor to gut the back bathroom, or paint the exterior of the house (which I am confident he would not even notice) or rip up the carpet and tile in the kitchen or have a landscaper come in for the back. ARghhhhhhhh ... there is soooo much I could have gotten done if I would have known in advance. I cherish the time when I can be sneaky and take care of business that he thinks is absurd and ridiculous only to love it once it is done.... Darn it!!! Paybacks will be severe....hummm

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