Monday, July 27, 2009

It Arrived!! The USCIS 800 Approval!!!

Sqwatty Potties here we come!
The final US document we have been waiting for has arrived!!! Thank GOD because it has been 11 months just for this one piece of paper. For those of you just starting the wonderful Hauge Adoption process this is the final golden ticket. We applied with USCIS in September of 08 and got our preliminary approval in January and finally the real McCoy.

So what does this mean...Uhhhh not quite sure...other than we are one step closer to getting our Travel Approval (the final final document we are waiting for) from China that will grant us permission to pack our bags, buy plane tickets and get out of dodge.

We are hoping to take the whole tribe. With all of the concerns and quarantines with the so called swine flu, we may not get permission to take everyone we had hoped. Stay tuned for more...

So the final question will be.... will we be in China in September or October?

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Sharon and Michael said...

congrats. i hope you are there in september. but october eather may feel better. :D