Friday, July 31, 2009

Should I be Worried?

So I was feeling a little tired this afternoon and decided that after Kumon I would let the yahoos watch I am not one of those moms...who forbid their kids to watch TV... but it is earned in time limits and with some restrictions on programming---do you Kumon and you can watch 30 minutes of _________ or _________.
So today Tobbers asked if he could watch "cash cab" ... Cash Cab, I asked? "yes mom, the game show in the cab where they ask questions" replied Tobbers. Hmmmm okay I say. After all it is a jeopardy type of show asking riders random questions of knowledge. What I did not know or expect was how well he could answer the first round of questions! He was absolutely fascinated by the show and the questions they were asking. My son is an unusual breed. The guy is obsessed with facts of random information. He was given the option to watch Looney Tunes but instead he wants a quiz show... Gotta love this little guy... He's an odd one but we Love Him!

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