Sunday, September 13, 2009

First week of school and kindergarten

We or more like I survived the first week back to school and the first week of Kindergarten. Like others it is with mixed emotions that I send the yahoos off to school each year. One it seems like just yesterday the Noley and Tobbers were crawling around getting into everything in sight and just yesterday that MeiMei was home flushing everything in sight down the toilet.
We got the teachers we expected to get so no big surprises on that front. It appears that this year is off to a better start. I am clearly getting desensitized to the 20 percent hoochy and ghetto and am noticing the 80 normal at the school.
MeiMei is thrilled to be a "big girl" in kindergarten. No tears for her in fact she would perfer to stay longer and begs to go to "5thR" as she calls it---everyone else on the planet calls it 4thR.

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