Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why I HATE Playdates...

The top three photos are taken in post play date in Noleys room. This is the number one reason I HATE play dates. The time it takes to clean up after them is daunting. Why? Why? Why do play date kids insist on taking EVERY single boxed item out of their friends closet and dump in on the floor? I beg beg beg my yahoos NOT to do this when they go to a friends home or I will not let them have play dates. No parent should have to deal with this. This is a result of Noley deciding to clean post play date. Not only was everything she owned out of the closet, she emptied all of the boxes to declutter.....uhhhhh I think she needs an intervention.
Now fast forward to MeiMei's room post play date. I after a play date, I ask MeiMei to go in and clean up her room. Unlike her sister she takes a whole different approach. The organized everything must be in order. I think I am going to start paying her to clean her older sisters room.

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