Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wise Words From an 8 Year Old

Last night we celebrated the 100 birthday of our dear neighbor Alice. Together with our neighbors we helped put on a party for 35 of her friends. The party featured a sit down dinner outdoors under the stars with fine linens, china and crystal. All fitting for a queen---our Alice. She walks daily, gardens nonstop, reads every business paper she can get her hands on and enjoys her evening old fashion or glass of port. At 100 years old she gushes positive thoughts and energy and is an inspiration to all around her. She never complains...she takes a not so great situation and always looks for the silver lining...we could all take some lessons from her approach to life.

For the event we all dressed up in our summer black tie attire. When we got home Noley asked
"why did everyone wear black?" I said we wore black to dress up for Miss Alice's party. Noley
proceed to say "why would everyone wear a dark and unhappy color when they are going to a happy party for a lady who's fun and happy? Everyone should wear bright happy colors when the go to celebrate?" She's got a point... Why don't we wear more fun and happy colors?

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