Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15th and the Pool is Open...

For those that actually read this blog, you will remember last year that the swimming pool officially opened in Mid March and I had commented that each year that we have lived here the kids keep moving the opening of the pool up by month month. Well this year it stands to be true once again. Where the first year year we started swimming in May, this year it is February and they are NUTS! Yes it is a gorgeous sunny day but warm? Uh not quite. It is around 69 degree which is no where near what I consider pool weather. So while people all around this US are FREEZING, my yahoos are swimming in the pool. Now that's a crazy Californian for you. And no, for those wondering...our pool is NOT heated...hense the life jackets incase their hearts stop when they jump in!

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Aus said...

Hey - glad you guys are doing well! As for swimming at 69 degrees - I lived in Michigan for a while, and vacation on the Upper Penn. every chance we get - 69 is the 'typical' high in July on the UP - plenty warm enough to swim in the lake - so your pool should be just about right! (Yeah - a transplanted northener!)

hugs - aus and co.