Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello Out There

Yes, I am here and we are all fine. Relatively speaking. I tell you, I understand this is the season of flu's colds and all other things not pleasent...but dang! I have been feeling puny since we got home from China in November. I cannot seem to kick whatever it is that has me operating somewhere between 35% - 65% of my usual capacity. If it is not once thing it is another. It seems to be a cycle of sorts. Feel bad -- don't sleep well -- get run down -- get sick again...and the cycle repeats its self over and over again.
I feel like I need some warm sunny weather to warm up my soul and spirit to kick this darn WHATEVER I have. Three and a half months is TOO long to be feeling puny. The yahoos are doing okay. They have each been sick once this season but nothing that lingered. Just me the lucky one. I am ready for Spring. I know I should not complain when so many people in the
Midwest and east coast are being hit with monster storms and we just have our typical February 60 degree grey foggy days. Here is to dreaming about warm sunny days sitting in the shade by the pool drinking a cool beverage...

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Karen said...

I'm sitting there right beside you, Sister! How about some sushi with that cold beverage?