Friday, February 19, 2010

First Science Contest

Okay so while I am rather kick back with most things, everyone once in a while I come across something that brings out the competitive spirit in me. Welcome to the Kindergarten Science project. Objective: Make a house for an Ice Cube. Goal: Keep the ice cube from melting. Lesson Learned: Don't know don't care---just win!
So MeiMei and I decided we would raid Mr T's glass packing supplies for the house. The house cannot be a cooler or larger and 12 x 12. So we found some old packing supplies and built a seven layer rectangle house composed with an inner layer of foam, a second layer of thin blue ice and five more layers of foamy paper stuff we grabbed out of the recycle bin.
Well when we were done, we ended up with a very small house with a little trap door at the top. Not all that impressive at least to a five year old. Mei Mei was NOT a happy camper with her "house" she wanted a pretty house with a roof and chimney and such. She started crying and complained that her house looked like an EGG. She would not even take it too school.
So the day before the big event, I went into the classroom for some espionage on others homes...Holy Smokes...there were some SERIOUS houses. It turns out that one can do Internet research on building these houses and several parents had done such research. Boy I must admit, I never thought of that--Dang! So after leaving the class, I knew there was NO way we would win the ice cube contest, but we might stand a chance at the popular vote contest.
I thought if we can't win, we can at least be darn cute. And if we had an EGG house then an EGG it will be. I asked MeiMei what protects its eggs in the winter? And she knew right away. A Penguin. So a penguin it would be. We drive to the thrift store and found the perfect penguin. We took out his bottom and placed him over our egg house and voila...the perfect penguin ice cube house.
We took him to school on the morning of the contest and of course knowing my audience of 5 and 6 year olds they LOVED MeiMei's penguin "house" as everyone wanted to pick it up and hug it. What came as the total shocker was that WE WON! OUR HOUSE LASTED THE LONGEST. So not only did MeiMei win the popular vote we won the Science Project. Fifty entries and we won. I was trilled...and MeiMei was in disbelief since it was not "pretty" So I present to you the winning March of the Penguin Ice House.

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