Monday, September 22, 2008

Greetings from SacraTomato!

A little explanation. Last month someone emailed me and asked what's up with the Tomato thing? Over the weekend, I received another email from Spain inquiring about the Tomato name. So I thought I would state for the record the history of the Tomato Blog.

Back in the mid 80's after college (about six years ago for those of you the need help with counting backwards), I moved to the Big Tomato. This was not my first choice of post college habitation, but after intense one day analysis it turned out to be the cheapest of the five major markets in California to live...and being the bargain hunter I was and the fact I was ramping up for grad school and would continue my poor student status...I loaded up my avocado (how California of me) VW Rabbit with all of my worldly possessions and headed to the Tomato.

When I arrived on the outskirts of town (yes, I know it will tick some off, but I liken the Tomato to more of a town back then), everywhere I looked there were Tomatos on the road. Every off ramp, overpass and stop sign, had loose Tomatoes covering the ground. I would drive down the roads and freeways and see sprinkling of bright red Tomatoes everywhere. Frankly it was quite hilarious to see these little bouncing read balls (Tomatoes) falling off the large trucks that drove though the center of the downtown's freeway system. I soon found out Sacramento was quite well known for their Tomatoes and was affectionately called SacraTomato by many. So I figured if New York can have it's Big Apple, and LA the City of Angels, Las Vegas ---Sin City and so on, why can't Sacramento be the Big Tomato? So the Big Tomato it is and Tales I will tell.

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