Friday, September 19, 2008

How Many Airport Security Guards Does it Take To Process 1 Piece of Paper?

Yes, that last and final piece of needed documentation is off to the infamous abyss called the United States Center for Immigration Services (USCIS) for processing. I would take a deep breath except I am reminded by my fellow paper chasers that the wait for their approval is taking 3 - 4 months. Yes, that is right and is not a typo. What do I think about that? Well in one word... SUCKS! This is the only piece of paper that is holding up our dossier to be sent to China. China knows our paperwork is coming but we cannot send it without this last vital piece.

With MeiMei we completed this last step in 12 days. All of the paperwork was processed by the Sacramento office of the USCIS. Now in our typical over regulated world, some numb skull decided to hand over this final international adoption approval to the folks that check us in at airports. Yes, that is right! Those lovely smart and intelligent folks with the IQ level of .032---you know the ones....that look for how much toothpaste or perfume you have in your carry on and remove the shoes and belts from grandmas in wheel chairs and children? Yes, they are the ones reviewing and processing MY US pre approval to adopt an orphan.

The started in May a centralized processing and has caused a huge backlog of applications. This back log has been the heartbreak of many prospective adoptive parents as their time limit of completing their dossier of three months is consumed by the black hole called USCIS causing them to not be able to adopt their identified child. On September 25 they are moving the central processing to a new location and state. I called the DC office and they informed me I could send my application directly to Chicago without waiting till the 25th. So I mailed the application on Wednesday and I'm hoping I will be one of the first in line at the new location...aka hoping to take cuts in line ahead of the other thousands of families waiting in line. I have no shame! I know I know it does not work that way but hey one can dream right?

Uncle John....if you are out there do you have any friends at the USCIS?

Charlie Brown said it right....Good Grief!

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