Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have stooped to new bad mom low...

Okay, so I confess...I have stooped to a new all time low. I bold faced lied to my four year old and have been caught red handed in a lie by my eight year old.

MeiMei has a really cute shirt that I bought on sale to match three sets of pants and skirts that she owns. I full on expected to get A LOT of mileage out of this shirt in terms of outfits. Well Empress Fashion Pants decided that she did not want to wear the shirt because "it has letters on it" "I do not like letters on my shirts." I showed her how soft it was and how it had nice little flowers and sparkles on the arms.

BUT NO....she would have nothing to with the shirt...so then it happened. My mouth opened and out came those fatal words of deceit. "but sweetie...do you know what the shirt says?... it says 'I love chocolate chip cookies'.." "isn't that great? you love chocolate chip cookies!" Right then Noley looked at me and said "no mom that is not what it says....it says adorable!... I quickly changed my words and said, "yes...it says I adore chocolate chip cookies!"

And guess what? She proudly put on the shirt and wore it all day and proceeded to tell everyone she met that she adored chocolate chip cookies.


Mommy Firecracker said...

Hi there-

I saw your post on the CCAI mail list so I couldn't resist taking a peek at your blog. Love your Spanish home, I can see why you hate to part with it.

My husband sent me the doghouse link last week--it is so creative and very funny.

Take care!
Group 592

Duchess of Lanier said...

You aren't "low"; you are brilliant! And your older deserves an extra item from Santa since she went along with you and didn't make a scene. ;)

What's up with not liking letters anyway???

Since I love everything sparkling myself and that purple dress is so sweet and fabulous all at the same time, I can confirm that BOTH daughters have fabulous tastes!!!

My fingers are crossed for your I-800A approval!!! You are DUE!!!

We have LID of 12/05/08 confirmed today. I'm trying to save you a place in line up here, but there's a lot of pushing and shoving here. Everyone is smiling, but the elbows, oh, the elbows ;O

Duchess of Lanier said...


J-momma said...

hi, just came across your blog from the special needs adoption website. i love it! your daughter sounds spunky, like my son. don't worry about lying to your kids. i do it all the time. sometimes you just have to get through the day. my son is adopted too and has cleft lip and palate. he was adopted from foster care though, not china. anyway, good luck with everything. i'll check back again.