Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little Spanish Nostalgia...

I'm selling my our old house. It is with mixed emotions that I've been asked to do this task. it is a 1928 spanish home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms located on a street filled with other spanish homes. I loved that house....we loved that house...that was the house Noley and Tobbers were born in (okay so not really...they were a C-section - but you get the drift). I have sat in that house for the past three weekends at open houses. It is really hard not to be objective since I LOVE THAT HOUSE... when people tell me they do not like this or that .. I just want to escort them to the door.... after all how dare they insult me in my home... But alas it is not my house any more. We sold it to buy our current nasty wildebeest never ending money pit of a house---which has zippo in curb appeal but lots in functionality.

For those of you that were never able to visit our home or stop by for a cocktail....I invite you now.... just stop by

And no, as much as I may fantasize about moving back into our old home it just would not work with four yahoos....while it is technically the same size as the new place, our new space is used much more effecciently since we get five bedrooms plus a big bonus guest house/office aka MAN SPACE.

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