Tuesday, December 9, 2008

With the right dress anything is possible...or so we thought....

So last month at the store, I let MeiMei pick out a dress to wear for the holidays. Obviously, this girl was not used to wearing girly things back in China...becuase since being here to the states that is ALL SHE CAN THINK ABOUT. If it is flashy...it's good....If it is shiny...it's good...If it sparkles...It's even better. If it is HoochyMama...It is the best of the best. There is just one problem...for as much as she loves all of those things. They must all be packaged in 100% soft prewashed cotton and if it is not.....it only stays on for 5 minutes. The rest of the time it sits on a hanger proudly hung in her room for all to see.
Here is MeiMei modeling her choice of this years dress for all of five minutes. Big sister Linjit offered to up the anti by curling her hair. Boy was she proud to wear hot curlers. I think it was the firs time she ever had her hair curled. God knows, I never did it....and I'm sure they did not do it in Wuzhou. That is one proud and adorable little girl...(which will be another post)

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