Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baskets a la girls...

So Easter is not one of my better holidays. What I mean to say is Easter is not a holiday I get all excited about. It tends to sneak up on me and next thing you know I am at target looking for Easter stuff at the midnight hour. Baskets.... um I think I bought them once for the yahoos when they were two. I typically buy some stuff wait till the yahoos are in bed and then go in their rooms, and find something to put their " bunny loot" inside. Like, Darth Vader's helmet, inside a Polly pocket playhouse...really what ever I can find that suits a bucketish functionality
So this year it appears that the yahoos decided to take things into their own hands. It seems that they are not fond of the creative interpretation of an Easter basket and decided to create their own. Both girls dumped out their bedside book baskets and decorated them to become Easter baskets.
Nothing like having your kids make you feel like a lazy procrastinating cheap skate shmuck.

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