Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tummy Ache Mom...

Yes, that is what MeiMei has taken to calling her birth mom. She has taken a keen interest in talking about her other mom in know the "Tummy Ache mom" I think with the discussions of traveling to China to go and get HooHaa she is starting to process how her life prior to Sacramento started. We are not the ones to ever hide or sweep under the rug any information we have on her start in life, but to be truthful as we tell her...there is not really anything we know.
She asked if when we travel to China can she go and get a new mom? I informed her that "sorry you are stuck with me" I did not take it too personal since she followed it with "I want to keep you...I just want to go and get another Mom too." "cause that's what Chinese kids do......when you go to China you get a new mom" Then she proceeded to ask me if we can go and find her Tummy Ache mom and where is she? I explained that we do not know who she is or where she is but that we are very very happy that she put her in a safe place to be found quickly so that we could come and get her. Then she proceeds to complain about "how come it took you a long long time?" "I wait a long long time" "you should not have made me wait a long long time" Okay so I am getting a precursor to what I will have to deal with when she hits her hormones....yikes! and to think she is only five. I expect this at ten not at five. Well at least I will know what to expect. It will be quite interesting to watch her as she begins to peice together the process of adoption. She has been talking a lot about it lately and reminds us that HooHaa will be very scared just like she was becuase he does not know us but that if we feed him good food, he will like us. And THAT is exactly how we won her over that first night.

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