Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ever Wonder Why...

I type something and post it so you cannot read it? You know...those orphan words and letters next to photos? Well that is a very good question that I cannot answer and it is begining to make me REALLY MAD!!!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HOW to avoid this!
If you know how to help me fix this your wisdom would be greatly welcome right now. Because I'm start'n to get a lil'pissy about this!


Marta y Anna said...

Hi family!!
We are Marta & Anna. We're from Spain, and we're doing a new blog with China orphanages information.
If you want to help us you can send us photos, videos or some information about your daughter's orphanage.
You can send us your experience too, and if you had visited the orphanage you can explain us the experience.

Our blog:
Our blog in English (We have translator):

sarahthefantastic said...

Hi! I am a bloggy friend of Trena's who just found your blog. It's very funny!
I might be able to help you with the orphan words, with all one of my computer skills. There's a place you can choose the alignment of your pictures when you write a post. I think I always do mine to be on the right side or always in the middle. Also, when I enter text about a picture I always leave an extra blank line between the two. In other words, after I finish typing a description of the picture I hit Enter.
Hope this makes any kind of sense!
p.s. I also have a daughter coming up to five years old, from China, also with cl/cp on the left side! : )