Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let Us Enter the Dark Ages...

We have just finished the Story of the World volume one which took us from the early nomads through last roman empire. We read the book and listen to the cds in the car while driving. I was shocked, but I found the only way so far to get the yahoos to stop bothering each other in the car and at the breakfast table. Audio books on CD. AMAZING! They are as quite as a mouse listening intently and will often ask me to play a particular chapter over again.

When I first started playing them in the car, I thought they would have a hissy fit because they would rather watch a DVD. At breakfast it is an ongoing struggle to stop the bickering, footsy playing and chair tipping which drives me INSANE in the morning--but not when a audio CD is playing. No, not one single complaint. So we fished the book and order the second book and CD in the series. Story of the World volume two - The Middle Ages.

I have to say that while these are written for the 10 - 12 age group. They are quite interesting and well written even for adults to read. I'm not sure who enjoys them most. I have even caught Mr Tomato listening in and commenting afterwards that I had read an interesting chapter.

Here is a link to the authors history books for kids and adults.

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