Monday, April 6, 2009

Marriage Proposal Lasanga

Are you tired of being single? Wish you could meet that special someone?
Well... legend has it that this Lasagna recipe is soooooo good that be careful who you serve it to because you just might end up with a marriage proposal. Linjit and KC - do not worry this is NOT intended as a dig to you :-)

A fellow blogger who I love to read is Ree over at the

A direct link can be found at this is her recipe not mine so I must give credit where credit is due. Don't look at my photos. Click on her link and look and be prepared to be inspired.

And she is not lying. Noley made this for us on Saturday for dinner. Yes it is soooo easy even an 8 year old can make it....and yes she will be forbidden to make this for anyone else who is not a family member and No we do not live in the Appalachians - so we are safe.

My photos do not do this wonderful dish justice. Did I tell you it only took 15 minutes to fix and 30 minutes to bake? Yep that simple.

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Anonymous said...

I'll try that recipe tonight!! Now the question remains, who to invite to dinner.....